On Friday night I had the urge to fire up Visual Studio and tomorrow (Monday) I move house.

What’s with that? Why am I in a programming mood when I have boxes to pack and shelves to take apart?

For the last few weeks I have been too busy with other things to do much programming or when I had the time I felt more like relaxing than learning anything new.

How do I get into the programming zone, what was it about this particular weekend that made me want to? Was it just the fact I had no time to concentrate on it, or is there some more useful factor that controls my desire to code?

I can think of a few factors that I should make note of.

  1. Peace and quiet – Friday night I had the place to myself so I could concentrate and do whatever I wanted.
  2. Ideas – Before I started I had some ideas, why don’t I try doing x. Once I have a coding idea I need to investigate it and see where it goes.
  3. Break from routine – Friday night was the start of a whole week away from work, this gives me more time to forget about the daily stress of the office and think about other things.
  4. Goals – Work annoyed me on Friday and if I want to achieve my goal of working in development more then I need to work at it.

I am not sure how I can put these into practise so that I spend more time on development but we will see. One thing I want to achieve in my new home is a quiet place to concentrate and think without distractions, I have a few options which I will investigate over the next few weeks.

Anyway need to get back to packing boxes.

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