I am  going to take a break this week from talking about technology to talk about Star Trek.

I have just listened to a podcast where they consider this list of great Star Trek Characters. I am now going to try and come up with my own top 25 characters. Here we go.

Spock,_22931) Spock. My number one star trek character is Spock. Leonard Nimoy who recently passed away brilliantly brought this character to life. We have the inner turmoil that many of us can associate with, we have a journey to become more human, we have the pursuit of logic. We have the great interplay between him and McCoy and Kirk.

2) Data. My second number one star trek character, well OK, second star trek character is Data. His weekly exploration of what it meant to be human is star trek’s best exploration of the human condition. There are so many moments which make me like Data but I think when I builds his daughter, Lal is possibly my favourite.

3) Picard. The Captain of the Enterprise. You want to know about leadership or diplomacy you watch Captain Picard in action. If only more of our world leaders could be like Captain Picard we would have all our Earthly problems sorted by tea-time.

4) Kirk. The original captain of the Enterprise, not so much a Diplomat but could talk a computer to death in minutes. A fun guy to be around as long as you didn’t work in security or want a long lasting relationship with him, (sorry ladies this guy is married to the Enterprise)

5) Worf. Our favourite Klingon. The most honourable man on this list and could handle himself in a battle. Also popular with the ladies if Troi and Dax have anything to say about it.

6) Sisko. Our third captain, but Sisko had much more on his plate than the others. He had a Son to bring up, he lost his wife, he was in the middle of the biggest war the Federation has ever seen (at least on screen anyway), he became a religous icon and later a God.

top-25-star-trek-characters-200905070445018657) 7 of 9. The sexy borg from Voyager what’s not to like? Also brought some much needed conflict to the Voyager crew.

8) Garak. The plain and simple tailor from DS9. But is he also a spy? There are so many layers to Garak you have no idea what to believe.

9) McCoy. Bones to his friends. A great Doctor but even greater friend to Jim Kirk and Spock (not that either of them would admit it.

10) EMH. Please state the nature of the medical emergency, started the show off as just another piece of technology and ended up one of the crews most important characters.

11) Janeway Coffee Addict and defeated the Borg our first female captain.

top-25-star-trek-characters-2009050704442941412) Dukat. DS9s regular bad guy. Started off Bad, then softened to be a good guy for a bit and then signed an alliance that started a war, in the middle of that he went crazy and ended up going to the Bajoran Hell

13) Weyoun. The leader of the dominion from the Gamma Quadrant. Was a clone so he could be killed off a few times and still come back. Had some great interplay with Dukat and later Damar.

14) Damar. Started life as Dukat’s lieutenant and rose in rank to leader of his people, before switching sides to lead a rebellion.

15) Scotty. You cannae change the laws of Physics. An engineer that weekly performed miracles, more often because or large repair estimates.

16) Barclay. The only Starfleet office that was unsure of himself and couldn’t talk to people (Oh a bit like me then)

top-25-star-trek-characters-2009050704450595817) Riker The Captain Kirk of Picard’s crew, could inspire his crew and was popular with the ladies, but looks better with a beard.

18) O’Brien. The everyman of DS9. He constantly had a station that was falling apart but he managed to keep it going, a bit like how I feel sometimes.

19) Quark/Rom/Nog. These three Ferengi made the Ferengi good again. Nog started off as comic relief and ended up a Starfleet officer after turning his back on the acquisition of profit. Rom like his son turned his back on profit to fix things, and Quark was the businessman always had his eye for profit.

20) Odo. The shape shifting outsider that maintained order. Was truly an outsider with no idea where he had come from, but eventually he came to tolerate and even love us Solids.

21) Martok Klingon with one eye that welcomed Worf into his house after his second dis-commendation.

22) Zefram Cochrane Without this guy there would be no Star Trek. Invented the warp drive and enjoying to drink.

23) Uhura Just a communications officer, but in reality was so much more. One of the first black women on television and inspired a generation to better themselves, was the other half of the first inter-racial kiss

24) Mirror Universe Hoshi. Our universe Hoshi Sato was timid and scared of warp drive, the mirror universe version ended up empress of an entire Empire.

25) Kai Winn Power currupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely and Kai Winn is a prime example of this, so blinded by power she couldn’t hear what her precious Gods were telling her and ended up sleeping with he arch enemy.

Please disagree with me, or listen to the podcast where some of these characters are discussed.

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