I’m a developer now

For a while now I have been at the door of describing myself as a developer, but I think I have finally gone through that door.

It is all a state of mind, its not about having x amount of knowledge, its just about saying “Yeah, I’m a developer now.”

One thing that pushed me through that door, was an application form for something in which I ticked the software developer box instead of the IT Manager box.

The other thing is some of the tasks I worked on recently. One of our databases has a Web Service running that supplies a website with some figures, and we found out recently that this needed changing due to a change on this website. Our contractor quoted us to do this work, I think it was 8 hours. My boss said why don’t you have a go at doing it instead and save us money.

So I had a go, thinking this will take me a couple of days at least, as I will have to figure out how the code works and end up not understanding it. But no I had the changes done in less time than the contractor had quoted us. Go Me! I will say that these changes have yet to be fully tested, so I still might end up spending more time on this.

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Simon Foster
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I have worked in SysAdmin and IT Management but now work as a Web Developer. I love everything IT related and I am trying to learn as much as I can especially about DevOps. Why not follow me on twitter?