For a while now I have been sharing some of my blog posts on the Dzone website.


The Dzone website allows users to submit links to content and I have been submitting the content I have created on this website. This is how Dzone describes themselves:

With over 1 Million members, is one of the web’s largest communities and publishers of technical content for software professionals. Developers from all over the world come to DZone for the latest and best content to hone their skills and advance their careers.

DZone MVBWell this week I have been invited to join the MVB (Most Valuable Blogger) programme. The hope is that more of my readers will find my content from the DZone website.

The DZone team will soon start sharing my content on the DZone website and I hope this will result in even more people reading what I have to say.

If nothing else this is clearly telling me that my blog is making a difference, people are taking note of me and what I have to say. I need to keep going and keep writing articles and be more consistent.

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Simon Foster
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I have worked in SysAdmin and IT Management but now work as a Web Developer. I love everything IT related and I am trying to learn as much as I can especially about DevOps. Why not follow me on twitter?

One thought on “DZone

  1. Hey Simon!

    It’s Michael from DZone! We couldn’t help but notice this very kind post of yours pop in our RSS Feed as we are now following your blog. Just wanted to send a quick thanks your way, and say that we do indeed look forward to getting your posts in front of the DZone audience very soon!

    Keep on writing and we’ll be happy to share it! 🙂

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