Who is Funky Si?

I created this blog to answer the simple question of what I do. I want to share with you what I am learning about, both in the System Administrator world and in the Software Developer world, and with the growth of DevOps that grey area in between these two. But it’s not all work, I am a new father and a Star Trek fan so expect the odd post about those topics as well.

My real name is Simon Foster but my on-line persona is Funky Si a nickname I was given during my university days which has somehow stuck.

DZone MVBI get asked the question of what I do all the time and my answers often vary depending on my mood or who I am talking to.

Sometimes I will play it down and say I just work with computers or IT, which often prompts people to comment about their latest computer problems.

Sometimes I try and play it up and say I’m a Software Developer.

Neither of these replies really do justice to what I do. I want to describe some of the things I really enjoy about my job, and some of the problems I have solved.

I work for a small IT department as a web developer. My skills range from first line support, server infrastructure to development.

You can follow me on twitter @funkysi1701 or like me on facebook.