50th Blog Post

WOW! I have reached the milestone of 50 blog posts.

I have tried to blog at least every week and I have learnt a lot. I have talked about my work, technology, things I have learnt, things I want to do and many more things. It is too soon to tell if my blog is going to be a success, but I think I am starting to find my ‘blog’ voice and I intend to keep on blogging.

To celebrate here are some of my highlights.

  1. User Groups and F# By far my most popular blog post. I talk about my first visit to the Leeds Sharp group and an introduction to the F# language.

  2. Monitoring Screens I talk about creating a big screen of vital monitoring information.

  3. Ten Forward Episode #135 – Simon’s Desert Island Trek My appearance on the Ten Forward Podcast

  4. Building something with a Raspberry Pi I blog about getting a Raspberry Pi to play around with

  5. Improving your Blog John Sonmez tries to help my blog improve

  6. Javascript progress About learning javascript

  7. The Raspberry Pi Adventure Starts I get a Raspberry Pi and start building something with it

  8. Weakest Database Design I talk about database design

  9. Trying Windows 10 I talk about my experience with the latest windows operating system

  10. Laziness I talk about the extreme ways IT Professionals go to be more lazy


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