Black Friday Deals

Over 50% Off this Black Friday!

Yes your heard it correctly even has amazing offers.

It is like the whole world has gone “Black Friday” mad, with every company in the world offering amazing and unmissable deals.

So in an attempt to cash in on all the Black Friday fuss I will write a quick blog post about it.

I mentioned 50% off well this month I have blogged 50% less than usual. There is one main reason for this, my new born son James is taking a lot of my time and energy and I think it will take a few months of sporadic blog posts before I get the balance right.

I am not a big fan of spending just for the sake of it. Encouraging people to spend money they don’t have, on things they don’t need shouldn’t be encouraged. However times are hard so companies need to do what they need to, to try and make money.


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