Choosing a Blog Theme

You may have noticed that my blog has a new home. It can now be found on its own domain . This change not only gives me more flexibility to make any change I like, it also feels good to have a website again. If you had followed my blog, do keep following it at the new location.

I have also been playing about with giving the site a new look, hope you all like it. I have gone for a more image focussed front page. No doubt in a few weeks I will be bored and change the look again.

I have recently been reading about blogging and one suggestion is to have a clear theme, or idea of what the blog is about. I am not sure my blog has a clear theme.

When I started blogging I was more interested in blogging than thinking about what I was blogging about. The vague theme I worked off was to talk about what I do, to answer the question, “What do you do?”

I think this is a fairly good theme, but it could probably do with some refinement. The best themed blogs are specialist or about something specific. As I am generally learning about development, rather than doing development I think this should be part of what I concentrate my blogs about. A minority of my blogs can continue to be about the other things I spend my time doing, as it’s always good to have a break from the main “meat” of the blog every now and then.

The people who read my blogs are split between technical people and non-technical people, so I would like to continue to explain what I do in non-technical terms. This is an essential skill for a developer (or SysAdmin) as you will always need to explain what you are doing, or discuss requirements. It is not an easy skill and like development itself, the more I do it the better at it I will become.

So watch this space for the blogs to come. I know I will be working with Azure over the next few weeks so maybe some blogs about that, maybe some more SQL blogs or maybe about what I learn next.


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