ICYMI What does it mean?

For a while now I have seen ICYMI splattered around the internet. I had no idea what it meant so just ignored it but I have finally had enough and I googled for a definition and I now know what it means.

ICYMI – In Case You Missed It

ICYMI is often used on social media sites to indicate articles that you might have missed.

Software Development is littered with acronyms and technical terms that I don’t always know the meaning of.

When reading it is easy to ignore them and try and understand the rest of the article. However there are loads of resources out there that can explain technical terms in a wide variety of different ways.

I have tried to explain a few different terms and concepts on this blog . In the process of writing them I often do a bit of research and read a variety of different definitions, some confuse the heck out of me, while others make me go ahh that makes sense now.

When reading to learn, don’t be afraid to dig deeper and understand it all, don’t read the same terms again and again not understanding them like I did with ICYMI.


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