I am lazy, I won’t try and deny that. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I will snooze it for twenty minutes or so before getting out of bed.

In my work my laziness continues. Remote Desktop (or RDP) is probably my number one laziness tool. For those that don’t know RDP allows you to connect to another computer and access it like you were sat in front of it. So I can be sat at my desk and RDP into any other computer in the office including any server. However this laziness tool does sometimes require a bit of effort sometimes, powering on the target computer, logging on locally, making sure the user account you are using is allowed to use RDP.

Writing a script is another example of a laziness tool. I often get asked to do tedious and long-winded task, because I am lazy I will go out of my way to learn how to write a script to do this, so that I can run this script and do this long-winded task in a matter of seconds. There are loads of different types of scripts from database SQL scripts, to PowerShell scripts that can do almost anything on your server.

PowerShell is something Microsoft are really pushing at the moment, you can even write scripts to create new user accounts, so no longer will you have to remember to tick that tickbox for every new user account. And because PowerShell is part of almost all MS technologies you can link Exchange to Active Directory and you don’t even have to remember the right syntax as PowerShell has a built-in help command to tell you how to run that useful command.

As I am now moving into a more developer role can I continue to be lazy? I sure can. Code should be written once and reused as often as possible and this is one of the features of OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

It can be as simple as creating a master page so you don’t need to recreate the same code on every one of your webpages. Or every time you find yourself rewriting the same code again, you plug it into a method so it can be called again and again.

But of course the ultimate way to be lazy is of course get yourself some staff and spend all day getting them to do everything. If you are lucky they may even try and adopt some of these lazy ideas.


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