I’m 100 blog posts old

That’s right this is the one hundredth post that I have written on this blog.


So what have I learned in the past 100 posts?

  1. It is easier to write a blog before you become a parent. More recently I am increasingly finding it difficult to find the time to blog. It used to be that I could write on an evening, but now James is around I often prefer to play with him, or more often stop him crawling where he shouldn’t.
  2. I like my job. The inspiration for most of this site is my day job and as you can read, I do a wide variety of different things, but I have a lot more to learn as well.
  3. Finding your niche is hard. 100 posts in and I am still not sure what my niche is. I started out with the broad niche of IT and what I do, I then considered something about IT and fatherhood but I don’t think that topic is really me. My current thinking is maybe DevOps especially as my role these days fits squarely between Development and Operations.
  4. Its time for a refresh. I have been meaning to change the theme of this site for some time and I feel after 100 posts now is as good as time as any. I want to emphasise my skills and what I am learning and increase the emphasis on DevOps, which I think will be my niche.
  5. Watching visitor numbers is addictive. Every day I look at how many people have looked at my blog, but I have yet to see a pattern between what I write and how many reads I get. Is my writing getting better? I don’t know. Are more people reading? Probably not. Will I keep going? Yes

So what is next?

Hopefully a refreshed look in the next few months. Hopefully regular posts. If there is something you want to see on here drop me a message via any of the social media links or put a comment below.

What is my favourite post?

Maybe User Groups and F# which proved very popular and got me to start going to user groups something I still enjoy today. I also like Coding Myself Into A Corner which got me to start thinking more if I was giving myself future problems. But there are many others I like such as James and Becoming a father


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