Periodic Table of DevOps

The periodic table lists all the chemical elements and groups them together based on some key properties. Today I found an article about the periodic table of DevOps .

I am not going to discuss every element but I thought I might go through some that I have heard of or used.

  • Github – The repository of lots of open source software. My Github can be found at
  • Amazon Web Services – The second most popular cloud computing provider (not sure why this isn’t number 3?)
  • Git – The distributed source control system that everyone uses these days.
  • Azure – The number one cloud provider, I have used this a lot, mostly with websites but also with some of their other features like Traffic Manager.
  • Bitbucket – like Github but allows private repositories. I have used this extensively for work based projects that I don’t want to be public.
  • Google Cloud Platform – don’t know much about this one, but no surprise that google wants a piece of the cloud computing pie.
  • Selenium – This is a product I want to play about with as allows front end testing with a browser.
  • Rackspace – Before we made the jump to Azure we made use of some Rackspace servers.
  • Subversion – The first source control system that I used, but been using git so long now not sure I can remember how it worked.
  • Visual Studio – The IDE from Microsoft that I use to write code. I am a big fan as it does everything I could want.
  • TeamCity – The continuous integration software that I have been using to automate my deployments.
  • MSBuild – This is used by Visual Studio to build your software and can also be used by your deployment scripts.
  • Trello – A website that allows you to create a board of ideas or things to do.
  • Slack – Brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.
  • New Relic – A software analytics tool suite used by developers, ops, and software companies to understand how your applications are performing. Useful but find myself favouring Application Insights (part of Azure) more now.
  • Nagios – Yay nagios is on the list! My favourite server monitoring system.
  • Splunk – This application can be used to search, monitor and analyse all your log files to find out what is happening. Don’t currently use it but I have tried it out in the past.

What is your favourite DevOps tool? Why not leave a comment below?


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