Star Trek Discovery – thoughts on new trailer

I am really excited a new Star Trek Discovery trailer has just been released, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now.

The rumour mill has been going crazy about Star Trek Discovery but now we have a trailer with actual footage to analyse. In my opinion all the concerns about changes in the production team have gone out the window, this looks to be a polished Star Trek show that can sit alongside our favourites.

The Ship

When images first surfaced of the ship I wasn’t keen, however all the shots of the ship look great. I assume this must be the USS Discovery, although it is hard to tell anything from a two minute advert.

The Bridge

The Bridge looks recognisable as a Star Trek bridge, but also looks fresh and new. I think it feels very JJ Verse. I like it.

The Uniforms

The uniforms look like a mid step between what we saw on Enterprise and what we know as the Classic Trek look. I can’t see any Blue, Red, Gold to signify departments, but it looked like Gold and Silver could well signify something. Really hard to tell at this stage, but I like what I can see.


The show feels like it is going to be gritty and real. With characters you can really get behind. I liked what I saw of the captain and lead character. The alien character intrigued me, hopefully his line about death will be explored. It feels like there is a strong link between Vulcans and Sarek with the shows lead (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) Not sure how I feel about this yet, depends on what they do with it. I don’t want them to just redo what they have done with Spock, but again lets wait and see.


OK I am not sure I like the strong emphasis on the Klingons. I think we have spent a lot of time learning about Klingons, so when I heard the casting news about Klingons I was not excited. The Klingons also have a new look, which doesn’t bother me that much as the Klingons have changed their look before. But lets wait and see what happens.

Star Trek is back

After over a decade with no Star Trek on TV, it is finally coming back. I am beyond excited about this. There are lots of things I want from this new show but this advert has definitely rekindled my excitement and hope that we are going to get something good.


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