Windows Update – don’t turn it off!

No blog post this week. However why not check out Troy Hunts blog article about Windows Update .

I am probably fairly unique in that I like installing updates whether it be on my phone, my PC or for one of my favourite programs. One of my tasks when I used to work in a sysadmin role was ensuring all windows updates got installed on all servers and client machines. It was a never ending task, as soon as you got almost all updates done, it would be update Tuesday and a new set of updates would be released.

I can think of a couple of times an update got installed that caused a problem and needed to be rolled back. However I have no way of measuring how often it fixed a problem or improved the security of the OS or other software. If you compare the annoyance of waiting for updates to install against having a computer (or worse a server) be hacked or otherwise compromised I think it is fairly clear what you need to do.

As someone who works in IT I feel it is my duty to share the importance of keeping your devices updated. Don’t turn automatic updates off or disable it. It is there to help you and keep your computer safe and secure.


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