Weekly Update #002

I know Active Directory is fussy about clocks being in sync however not sure how todays issue happened.

I run my docker compose file from Visual Studio and I get a weird error.

SecurityTokenNotYetValidException: IDX10222: Lifetime validation failed. The token is not yet valid. ValidFrom: 'System.DateTime', Current time: 'System.DateTime'.

I deleted my containers, open and close Visual Studio a few times, nothing helps. Eventually I think to find out what the time is on my container. It has yesterday’s date. What has happened here? Surely recreating containers would have caused them to have todays date? I reboot and everything is fine again.

Turns out that it is a know issue, see https://thorsten-hans.com/docker-on-windows-fix-time-synchronization-issue I am using WSL2 and I have now changed back to using Hyper-V and the issue hasn’t come back.

Earlier in the week I spotted my build step was failing.

  - task: NuGetToolInstaller@0

Swapping to the next version of the step is all I needed to do to fix it.

  - task: NuGetToolInstaller@1

My guess is that support was dropped for this earlier version or there is some other incompatability with .Net 5.


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