dotnet is 20 years old

Today Microsoft celebrated 20 years since the first version of dotnet was released with a special live stream event.

A lot has happened in the 20 years of dotnet (or .Net). It is my understanding that .Net was created to rival Java. When the .Net Framework was first created it was a windows only thing, but today modern .Net is a modern run anywhere platform, with .net applications running everywhere from PCs and Laptops, Raspberry Pi’s, Mobile phones and tablets (via Xamarin Forms), to Websites and Microservice APIs running on every Cloud platform out there.

If you want to celebrate this achievment tweet with the hashtag #DotNetLovesMe or download some of the digital swag available from github

On Thursday the 17th Feb the first preview of dotnet 7.0 is going to be released, with the latest version 6.0 only being released last November.

History of DotNet

The above graphic comes from the following tweet.

What do you like about dotnet? When did you first start using it? What are you going to build with it next?


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