Pwned Passwords

Using the data supplied by Troy Hunt and his Have I been pwned? website Pwned Pass allows you to check to see if any password has appeared in a data breach.

For more details about Have I been pwned? check out and

Pwned Pass is a simple Xamarin app that allows you to type in a password and tells you if it has been used in a data breach.

Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned? recently added a new API to his website which allows you to search his extensive database of pwned passwords, over 306 million of them. I have simply created a Android frontend to this API.

It should be noted: Do not send any password you actively use to a third-party service – even mine! I don’t log anything that you type into my app and this app makes use of the k-anonymity feature to avoid transmitting passwords.

As well as using Troy’s new API I also take advantage of his existing API’s. You can search his extensive database of email addresses to see if you have been affected by a data breach all from my android app.

Pwned Pass is now available from the Google Play Store.

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