Javascript progress

I got excited earlier this week as I started playing around with the javascript I have been learning.

I thought I would try and create useful javascript that could be applied to an online filestore. Somewhere that you could upload, delete, edit files and folders and various options to do with your files would popup via javascript or jquery code.

So far I have created a static HTML page which lists a few dummy files. I have added a button which adds a new row into my table and I have used jquery to highlight any selected files and also when the mouse passes over.

If you want to follow my progress I have put my files on github . It’s very basic stuff and I have already got a few lines I would like to refactor but not bad for an evenings work. I have lots of feature ideas to add to this page which should help me learn the basics.

The trouble with learning all this javascript is that I am starting to get all my programming languages confused. Earlier this week I started writing a for loop in javascript, only problem was I was working on an MS Access ADP (Don’t ask!) which requires the code in VBA. That is never going to work. Oh well.

If anyone knows good ways to stop myself getting my programming languages all confused do let me know.


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