Looking back at 2018

As 2018 starts to draw to a close let’s look at some of the highlights from the past year.

  1. New Home - I started 2018 with the goal of buying my own home and I managed it. At the end of October I actually moved in but it was months of looking at houses, speaking to estate agents, saving, packing and unpacking. There is more I want to do to my home in 2019 so this is only really the beginning.
  2. New Job - Another goal was to kick my career up a notch and this happened in June. It has been great working as part of a large team and I have learnt loads, there is much more I want to learn and contribute to so 2019 should be great on that front.
  3. New Car - Not a goal that I achieved as unfortunately in October I was involved in a car accident, no one was seriously hurt but this was a horrible experience to go through. My car was written off which gave me an excuse to buy a new car.
  4. See more of family was a goal, I am not sure if I really achieved this. However family have been around loads for us during our move and we do live closer so hopefully I can work on this some more.
  5. Celebrate 5 years of marriage. It hasn’t been an easy year for me and the wife due to moving house and all the stress that involved plus with two children she was diagnosed with Postnatal Depression which as a family we are still dealing with. All that said we had a fab weekend away and we so need to do something similar again soon.
  6. Family. 2018 has included many great times with my two boys. It’s been amazing seeing them grow, in September we had a thanksgiving service for them and in July we had our annual holiday.
  7. Lightning Talk. This is the only thing I mentioned as a goal that didn’t happen, it’s on my 2019 list so hopefully I can kick myself into action but with everything else I achieved something had to slip.   


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