Lets see what 2019 can do!

This is my annual lets make some goals for the new year blog post. So in no particular order.

Improve House

I can’t outdo last years goal of buying a house but I can continue to make efforts to improve it. I was going to put something about decorating or doing something to our bedrooms, however today I spotted a hole in the roof so this may well absorb most of my home improvement budget.

Connect with local area

Since we moved in October we haven’t really connected with our local area yet. My only interaction with my neighbours was when my car blocked his drive!

I am going to make efforts to change this in 2019. I don’t exactly know how yet, but I have some ideas. My son starts nursery and later school this year so could be one way to meet other parents and teachers. I want to connect with a local church, so far this hasn’t happened so need to make more effort with this. There are other local groups that put on child friendly events which would be good to attend.

Lightning Talk

I failed last year to do this so it is back on my list. I know I must have stuff of value to share so going to try again on this.

A lightning talk is a very short talk or presentation given at a conference or user group. I am not a natural public speaker so this is a step out of my comfort zone, however I am going to start small and see what happens.

##Family Holiday As always we Fosters are going to have a holiday in the summer and have some quality family time. I also want to take the boys to London for a weekend.


This blog has taken a bit of a backseat in 2018 so I want to try and refocus it for 2019. My commitment is for 12 blog posts in 2019, that is one a month. It doesn’t sound like much but I know how easily life can get in the way.

Having said that my log has had record views this year. 7159 views. However I believe this number to be incorrect and has been inflated by my app development and some of the automated processes taking place.


Last goal is to try a get more of a routine going. With two small boys, one of which is starting school in September a routine is going to be essential and will allow all of us all a chance to get more things done.


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