More than halfway through 2021

We are over halfway through 2021, let’s have a quick look at some things I have done this year:

  • Deployed a new version of the Pre Qualification questionnaire website for my employers

  • Passed Azure Fundamentals Exam

  • Mongo DB Atlas - experimented with using it for auditing my application

  • SonarCloud - tried to improve the quality of my code

  • Azure DevOps API -> built an application to show builds and releases from my Azure DevOps organisation, code is on github

  • Experimented with replacing SQL Agent Jobs with Azure Functions, ended up abandoning this project but was a great learning experience

  • Played with MS Graph - displaying profile pic from Azure AD but I am the only one in my org with a photo so abandoned this as well

  • Added a captch to a website to reduce spam

  • Charted my Gas and Electricity usage using the Octopus Energy API

  • Charted various metrics from services I use, eg twitter followers, github commits, blog posts published

  • Started learning react, easily connected it with Azure AD

  • Integrated my employers project management system with a postcode API and google maps so can see where in the country different projects are located

  • Tested dotnet 6 preview and the latest Visual Studio 2022 preview

  • I was made redundant and got a new job

  • Wrote my first piece of dotnet code to run on a Raspberry Pi

  • Kept cost of Azure down, by removing unused services, refactoring and optimizing existing services.

Wow, I have done loads this year, what is next?


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