Temporal Trek Podcast

Earlier this year I was a guest on the Temporal Trek Podcast.

Here is the episode I recorded: Temporal Trek Podcast Season 3 episode 30 Dead Stop

This week “Dan Dan” are joined by long time friend of the show, formerly from The Ten Forward Podcast, Simon Foster.

We discuss whether this is

  • A part two of a two-parter, last of a four parter or a previosuly unseen part 5 to the Tessek Prime Quintology?
  • Rogue full-AI or just a really super advanced computer?
  • Station seen again in Voyager?

Oh and by the way has anyone seen the guy who flies the ship, you know the one, tall bloke, loves a good prank, Space Boomer, answers to ‘Travis’?

Temporal Trek Podcast

It was great fun to record and I hope you enjoy giving it a listen.


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