What podcasts have I been listening to - Week 2

Another week has gone by so here is a rundown of my podcasts listenings…

Hachyderm’s Kris Nova on running a Mastodon Server

Hanselminutes episode 871

A great chat about how Hachderm grew as people moved from Twitter to Mastodon. You can find me on Hachyderm https://hachyderm.io/web/@funkysi1701 Hachyderm saw amazing growth in a short space of time, so great to hear how that impacted the service, which Kris Nova provides for free in her own time.

The Shipment

The Temporal Trek Season 3 episode 58

DanDan discuss the season 3 episode The Shipment, which sees Enterprise season 3 back on track, with a proper Star Trek story. But I can’t believe Dan forgot to include the DanDan jingle its why I tune in each week.

TrekRanks Potpouri

TrekRanks episode 150

This was a great show celebrating 150 shows, and was a lucky dip into all the 149 topics that have been chosen before. Jim was caught out by the guests this week as they went above and beyond finding answers for all possible shows that could be picked. As always some great picks reminding me why I love the show.

Troy Hunt’s Weekly Update

Weekly Update 327

I like listening to what Troy has been up to in the last week. (I am a bit behind as this show came out at Christmas time) Troy talks about Twitter and Elon Musk, and the LastPass data breach. I am a big fan of 1Password for my password manager but my employer uses LastPass

Troy Vinson: Learning From the Rackspace Security Breach

Azure DevOps Podcast Episode 225

An interesting look at security and the recent rackspace incident. I used to be a big fan of Rackspace but in recent years I have been more interested in cloud offerings like Azure.

Dr. Gregory Kapfhammer wants to stop flaky tests

Hanselminutes episode 874

I am currently looking at fixing some flaky tests on a codebase I am not familiar with so this is a great podcast to listen to. The episode goes through common reactions to flaky tests, why tests get flaky and what to do about them.


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