What podcasts have I been listening to

I love listening to podcasts so I thought I would share what I have been listening to over the last few days.

Source Open vs Open Source and IdentityServer with Dominick Baier and Brock Allen

.Net Rocks episode 1824

The creators of the open source project Identity Server which went commercial discuss the reasons for doing so. This was a very interesting discussion on the challenges of running open source projects and ways that they can be more maintainable. I have seen Twitter arguments on both sides about various products that have done this. It is a very nuanced problem, which I don’t know much about so interesting hearing what was involved.

Growing as an Engineering Manager with Taylor Poindexter

Hanselminutes episode 871

A discussion about being an engineering manager, mentoring and growing and learning. I am not a manager and I don’t have people that report to me, however, I am a senior developer so anything that can help me improve on the leadership side of things is great. On a side note, I love how diverse the guests are on Hanselminutes, I often listen to people on this show I would never have heard of or known about if I just stuck to topics I know about.

Top 5 Scenes at a Table

TrekRanks episode 149

Star Trek for me has always been about positivity and Trek Ranks delivers this in spades. The concept, in case you don’t know, is to choose 5 episodes about the chosen topic, but it is really an excuse to talk about them! So what 5 scenes at a table would I choose?

  1. Undiscovered Country - Dinner with the Klingons. Klingons, Shakespeare, terrible table manners what is not to love about this scene
  2. Q Who - Scene in the observation lounge with Q and Guinan as they discuss how to respond to the newly discovered Borg
  3. Civil Defence - Scene in Ops between Garak and Dukat while the crew hide from an automated phaser firing at them, the best bit is when Duakt tried to leave and ends up trapped with the rest of the crew
  4. Mirror, Mirror - Scene where Bones realises that some things are the same in the mirror universe, the spot where he spilt acid
  5. Unification Part 2 - Spock, Picard and Data have been captured by Sela, and Sela comments that she doesn’t get to write many speeches, and then Data comments that maybe she would be happy doing another job


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