2022 What Happened?

As 2022 draws to a close its time to do my annual look back at what happened.

I am going to talk a bit about my personal life as well as tech things, so if that is not your bag feel free to skip this post and read my more technical articles.

  • January - I started the year teaching my son to code .
  • February - I did some work on my website this year, and it is now using Hugo instead of wordpress.
  • March - I was guest on a Star Trek podcast , hopefully a repeat appearance in the works very soon. I also passed an AWS exam
  • April - Lots of work with Scratch with my boy
  • June - Scottish Summit
  • August - My boys birthday so some coding activities with his Microbit
  • October - I bought a second hand car and less than a week later it burst into flames, a scary event but no one hurt and everything has since been replaced/repaired.
  • November - I lost my job
  • December - Extended time with family for Christmas with a new job starting in January. I sat and narrowly missed passing AZ-204 (Developing Solutions for Azure). I attended DDD North , I attended LeedsSharp and went on a virtual tour of a Microsoft Datacenter.

I don’t know what is in store for 2023 but I am sure it will be equally interesting. The first thing to get my head around is my new job.

So onto my goals for 2023

  1. New job and get my head around all the new stuff I need to learn
  2. Celebrate 10 years of marriage and concentrate on family things
  3. Pass AZ-204 - It was such a close miss that I need to retry this
  4. More coding with my son, he got a laptop for Christmas and would be great to build on what he has learnt so far.
  5. Blog regularly - I doubled the number of blog posts from 2021, but it would be great to keep up the momentum with regular posts of what I am up to.
  6. I recently added an events page, so I need to go to some events. Events like DDD North and Scottish Summit are great, but so are local user groups so a mix of these would be great.

Last year I had the following goals

  1. Video - Not used my green screen yet, would be good to make some time to use this in 2023
  2. Conference - I attended Scottish Summit and DDD North, would be great to go to more like these this year as well
  3. Blog More - Yeah I achieved this, but lets keep doing this.
  4. Metrics - I have done little bits with this over the last year, but not a huge amount.
  5. My personal brand has improved this year as my blog relaunched on the Hugo platform, and I am very happy with its look, probably more I can do.


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